Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ive learned so much!

I havent been around much this week, but I promise this post is going to be interesting. I have learned so much about things this week...I just need to share. Most of the stuff I have learned doesn't even matter, but I dont care, like I said, I am not going to ever hold back!

That being said....the most important thing I have learned is to never be nice to people. When you go an extra step to be nice, it always turns around to bite you in the bootay. Seriously. I have bent over backwards over something that past year, and yet, I get a phone call and it all comes crashing down and then turned around to me being the bad person. I want to go into detail, I really do, but I just want to put this whole frustrating situation in back of me. There is no point to even tell it, because only can do more harm then good. I just want to say this, when you want to go that extra mile, especially for family, make sure it is truely worth it, because no matter what you do, it always can be turned into something negative. I would normally not say this, and I would say "treat others how you would want to be treated" BUT....that saying is not true, because no matter how nice you be to someone, it usually turns into something negative.

Going through that whole situation, I told Andrew that I was going to go to the liquor store and get some very nice boxed wine. Yes, I said it...boxed wine. I told him that I was going to have a night of not counting the glasses, and he was going to have to look after the little one. He told me that I totally deserve to do this for myself, and I dont think he even counted the glasses. I think he knew what my out come the next day was going to be, and that was why he encouraged the drinking...Im sure he was sitting at his desk laughing as I was PUKING MY GUTS OUT in the trash can in the kitchen that next afternoon while my toddler stood there mocking my loud puking noises. Attractive? I think not.........needed? YES. The part where I couldnt even walk to the bathroom to pee was fun, but the next day was not so fun....and then I went back to life....hungover. NOT FUN. Boxed Wine is surely the devil is disguise.

On the way to get my boxed wine I found out a fun fact about myself. I never think too much when I am driving, I just drive, and watch out for the other idiots on the road. I cant believe I never found out this amusing fact about myself until now....I break my SUV with only my BIG TOE! There I said it, I break using my big toe. Is that safe? I dont know....I dont really care, I just do it. I do this because I never wear my flip flops when I drive, I always slide them off....therefore my toe is free...totally random, just love that about me. Its something I only know about myself, and now every time I break my car I smile. :)

Im going crazy tonight because my facebook will not let me in, it says my profile is down for maintenance. Im losing my yoville money as I speak as all my bakery items burn up! (all you addicts will know just what I am talking about). I am completely addicted to writting what I am doing during the day and reading what others are doing too. I love to be nosey, and that is just a window for me to do it. I thought I was the only one that wrote everything, the steps of my day out, but I am not...far from alone in my addiction. Its great. Then I thought about it, if I am reading everyones, Im sure everyone is addicted to reading mine too! I love it. I will write just about anything....okay, I write anything, I dont care, I just have to share. I love updating from my phone, I love updating from my computer, shoot, I even update from my dads computer when I am at my moms and I have no signal on my phone. Addicted.

Our internet is running sooooo crappy lately. Comcast is on my bad list. I hate it. Period. I hate it worse then my period. I am thinking about switching, but if I switch, do you know how much of a PITA that is going to be with all my sites that I am on with my comcast email addresses. I dont know what to do....I am just sick of my internet being slow/going out every single night. I cant live w/out the internet, its like its attached to me. Gosh, I dont know what i would do without it. I am in love with it............facebook i need you....! I soooooooooo am going crazy since I cant update my status that I am blogging....omg.