Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vivid Dreams on Effexor...whoa.

Have you ever had a dream that just bothered you for the rest of the day after you woke up? I have been having those lately. My dreams are so vivid, it is a side effect of my anxiety meds. I don't mind it at all, but when the dreams are so weird, I wake up and think about them all day. I had a crazy dream last night that I keep thinking about, I just had to write about it because it is really that crazy.

I was dreaming that I was shopping with my friend and her mom and my mom called me on my cell phone. She told me that another country was releasing another missel that was going to hit us. She said it was going to be stronger then the one that hit us before. Well, with that I remembered in my dream about one that hit before and it turned our sky orange for a few days. (it was like I had that dream before...and I think I did...and then remembered it in my dream, if that makes any sense at all) I told my mom "omg this is going to kill us, I know it, we are all going to die" and I was trying to get home to Andrew and Xavier before it hit. CNN was saying that this country was going to launch it towards us at 9pm that night.

It was just so weird because these dreams that I have been having are like continuations of other dreams, and I do not remember that I had the dream until I have the other one then I remember in my sleep...does that make sense? Does anyone else do this? It is starting to kinda freak me out that I am having these kind of dreams, and they are so vivid I can remember the littlest things. Sometimes I have to really think if I dreamed something or if it really happened. I know it is this medicine (effexor to be exact) so if anyone else is on this and having this happen to them feel free to email me or leave me messages. I do not mind the dreams, but waking up thinking that the world is going to end is kinda scary! haha.

Leave me some weird dreams you have been having lately.