Friday, April 9, 2010

I love school

I have been soo busy to even begin to update on everything going on. Let me start by talking about school...I LOVE IT. I love being back in school, and I love the University of Phoenix. I know I have only been in for 2 weeks, but I feel like I am actually doing something for myself. I love having deadlines and having to go to class, and just doing using my mind! I was beginning to feel useless just staying at home, watching Xavier all day. I didnt use my mind to do anything other then bills, and I just didnt feel that was healthy. I just feel soo good about myself again.

The one thing that annoys me, I have been reading reviews of University of Phoenix and there are people that talk about how its not a good school, they just give out grades, and that people that go shouldn't be proud of telling people their grades. I dont believe this, because if you don't do the work and go to class to do your discussions you are not going to pass. I am learning a lot so far, and there is a lot of time and energy that you have to put into your classes. I hate hearing how some places will overlook you if you went to an online school....well I dont understand this because all the major colleges and universities are now offering online classes? I am very proud of myself going back to school...even if it is online. I am giving up a lot of time to do this, and I hope no one has anything negative to say about me doing this, because I feel soo happy. I never thought I would have the time to get a degree but I have always wanted to get one, just for myself, and to feel like I have accomplished something for myself to get back into the work force. Sooo..if you are one of those people that think online schools are a joke, I think you should try going back....!

On another note, Xavier is doing well. He is talking soo much these days...he is saying more and more everyday, I cant believe it. I honestly thought he might be slow at talking, but now he just amazes me. I can actually hold a conversation with him during the day and I find it soo funny. I just love this boy.

OMG...I love spring, but I cant stand the amount of spiders that we get in this house. We never have any problems with bugs....but when spring hits...its like all these lil'tan guys come out to play. Xavier is scared to death of them, and omg...they scare me also. I hate them. I just kill them and be done with it. Does anyone know anything that we could do to prevent these little guys surviving in this house? It is making me crazy. I hate spiders.

Okay I gotta get going, I hope I can update some more this weekend. I will try!