Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprised when animals act like animals?

When I first heard about the "killer whale" attacking its trainer at a Sea World yesterday I just wanted to go over to that whale and hug it...but its a WHALE....and shouldn't be interacting with humans to begin with. It makes me sick that its all over the news that this poor trainer was killed by this whale. This was a person that was training these wild animals to be entertainment to humans.....they are taken out of their natural environment and trained in these little tanks where they live all their lives. There is nothing entertaining in that equation to me. There shouldn't be the need for "whale trainers" because these animals are not supposed to be living in small tanks and doing shows for us. To me that is just sick. So when these animals attack everyone gets upset over it.....these animals are probably going crazy being held like that and being forced to do shows, of course eventually they are going to shouldn't surprise anyone that they do this. Its just over time that they are going to do this.

This also goes for elephants in circuses, monkeys that are made pets, all this stuff is just crazy to me....and people shouldn't be surprised when animals act like animals.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet iPhone.

I finally got into the whole new smart phone craze and I got an iPhone. Let me tell you, its LOVE. I never thought I would like them, I never wanted one, then the more I looked into them, the more I thought it would be nice to have. Well, now I would die before you took my iPhone away from me. It seriously is like a love obsession. There are so many apps that you can get and omg...I can just go on and on about it all day. Its really is.

I cant believe how "blah" things have been going lately. The only thing that I have been doing is cleaning up after this lil'crazy 2 year old. I cant believe he is 2, and I cant believe how messy he is. Im trying to teach him to clean up after himself, but how the hell do you do that when he just ignores you because he wants to play with another toy. It seriously is driving me insane because I dont know where to start with teaching him how to pick up after himself. Andrew tells me that I am too easy on him, I probably am...but I am his mommy and he is my one and what am I supposed to do. I cant see myself yelling at the boy because he didnt put his toys away, why get mad, he just wants to have a good time? Right? Im probably wrong, but I don't know what to do. Ideas?

I didnt stay in my pj's today, when Xavier and I woke up we both got into the shower, and dressed, and I actually did my hair and makeup...i feel soo much better when I do stuff like that. I actually feel more awake and I want to get the house in order. Its just this livingroom/playroom. I have to figure out a plan of action to get this together. Im working on it. Last week it was spotless in here because we got new furniture delivered, but now its getting back to where it was the week before that! Lovely.

Lunch time. Im sure Ill be back!