Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back feelin better.....HELLS YEA!

I am thankful for my prescription of doesn't clear up all my back pain, but it does take the edge off enough for me to sit comfortable and at least get some stuff done. Thank goodness. I am still going to make an appointment with my doctor on Monday, but at least I am somewhat comfy until I get in. I might even hold off a little longer and at least try to ease it on my own like I have been doing. I am just not one to go to the doctor if I don't have. At least the ER gave me Motrin. They tried giving me stronger pain meds, but I told them no, there is just no reason for them because they are not going to take the pain away, they are just going to make me feel high and out of it....not something I feel like dealing with. I bought "Tiger Balm" for Andrew to rub on my lower back tonight, my friend from high school reccomended it for me to I bought the extra strength. I told Andrew to remind me not to get in the shower once it is on, because its like "icey hot" and I dont feel like having an Icey Hott ass. lmao. I will let everyone know how the "Tiger Balm" works. All I know is it smells like something you would eat...I cant describe it, like herbs or something. Interesting. Maybe I will give everyone a review of it tomorrow since I have the worst back pain ever...I would be a good person to tell if it works or not.

Anyhoo...we spent the day with Andrews dad. It was fun. He bought us a new printer since I am starting school Monday. I thought that was really nice. I hooked it up, its wireless and I cant believe that I got in set up with my lappy on the first try. I impressed myself, because usually Im cussing at things and I get annoyed and then they just sit there collecting dust because I refuse to touch them. Yes, I really do things like that. I printed out some Dora the Explorer coloring pages for Xavier, so he was excited about that. The only thing I hate about this printer is the price on ink, but I will get over that. I dont think that I am going to have to buy ink that much because I don't plan on printing pictures, just stuff for school to read instead of looking at the computer screen to read 30 plus pages...can you say headache! I can always print on "draft mode" to save ink too...I know all the tricks of that crap! Haha.

I guess I am going to go play around on facebook a little more tonight before we go upstairs for the night. I am tired, and Im really excited to try the tiger balm on my back. I dont want to put it on down here because it says it can stain, and thats the last thing I need to do to the new furniture. :)


Friday, March 26, 2010

"You're Pregnant"

Last year this time I was set on having another baby RIGHT NOW. I had baby fever because I realized my baby was growing up...about 3 months into trying that fever broke and I came to my senses that 1 baby was enough for us. I talked to hubby about it, and we both agreed to this...and in that year of not trying we have figured out 1 baby is just enough for us, and I think Xavier is going to be the only child....simple.

Well, I haven't blogged in over a week because I woke up about 2 weeks ago thinking I slept wrong. Well this back thing has gotten so bad I can barely walk. I havent cleaned my living room in over 2 weeks (thankfully I have an understanding hubby that helps out a lot) I just cant move. I woke up today and my legs have had pins and needles all day so Andrew took me to the ER. They told me it wasnt an "emergency" and there was really nothing they could do but give me some pain meds and follow up with my PCP tomorrow. They asked me if I was pregnant and I told them 100% not, and I told them that I am on antidepressants that when being on them you cant be that is why my doctor gave them to me because we are not planning on kids. They told me they would give me some pain meds left the room. About 3 minutes later....the doctor came in and said "your pregnant" I started crying my eyes out...I dont want to be pregnant, and honestly its almost impossible that I was. I told them it had to be a mix up. They took another pee sample from me and tested it...that one came back NEG. (thank goodness) but the doctor said that was still not enough for him to give me anything they had to know for sure. SOOOO they took blood and told me it would take about 2 hours and they would call me with the results so I knew if I should get my scrips filled. Let me tell you, I called my mom balling my eyes out...scared out of my mind. Not only was I scared about being prego just because we dont want anymore children, I was more scared about my meds that I have been taking while prego (if i was). Well 2 hours went by slow as possible, everyone I knew kept texting me asking me about it.......then the call came though.............blood test........NEGATIVE. WHOO HOOO! I wanted to jump up and down and do a dance....if only my back was okay to do that. I actually think if my back was okay I would of.

SOOO now I have to make an appt with my PCP in the morning and get an appointment for an MRI so I can figure out what the heck is wrong with my back. They are thinking a slipped disc...lovely but they said they wouldnt know for sure until I get an MRI which they dont do in the ER.

I am just so thankful the urine mix up happened to me and not someone that was trying to have a child...could you imagine if that happened to someone else?! My friend told me that she would of went off about things, and yes I could of, and maybe I should of? I was just too stressed to do it, and my back hurt and I just wanted to get home...I try to choose my fights, and that one was an honest mistake...Ill give them that. I can take the stress.

Andrew and I talked after things settled down and I am actually sorta happy things happened because during that whole "i might be prego" thought, not once did I get happy and want to be pregnant...not once...and he said either did he. So maybe it is good that it happened, because it showed us that we might be a little family forever...i honestly think we will be.

Ugh stress....time to try to get comfy and go to bed!