Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tiger Balm Review *this stuff is awesome*

Okay, I am going to give my review that I promised for this amazing back stuff called "tiger balm". Here is my background, I woke up 3 weeks ago today and I thought I slept wrong, my back hurt and I couldnt figure out what I did to it. I just let it go and it kept getting worse and worse. I didnt know what to do and finally it got to the point I could barely walk and honestly even bend over. I couldnt pick up toys my house was a wreck...and then my legs went pins and needles. I went to the er and they told me I was going to have to go to my PCP and they would do an MRI on my back. That happened this past Thursday. My friend told me to try "tiger balm" she swears by I got some Saturday night. goes my review of "tiger balm"

My hubby rubbed the "extra strength tiger balm" on my back. Xavier said "stinky" and it honestly does have a strange LOUD smell to it, but nothing unbearable. It heated up, but not to the point it was uncomfy, it was just normal and I actually had the window cracked and the cold breeze felt good on it too. We went to bed, and my son woke up in the middle of the night with the flu (lovely i know) I WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO SIT UP AND GET OUT OF BED! I even went to WalMart without hurting at 230am! I got back from walmart and Andrew put more on my back, and today....I am not kidding back ache is 95% gone. I dont know what is in this stuff.....but its a miracle. I have some more on right now, and Im going to use it at night for a few more days. Oh ya, it is orange in color and it does say it will just be aware of that. I would recommend this product to works soo good! I am not one to write blogs about products and such, but I honestly had to let everyone know about this stuff, because seriously just yesterday I couldnt bed over and today I it really worked well on me!

Okay....tiger balm...I just freaking endorsed your product for if ya'll see this you better keep up with the miracle rub because it is the bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!