Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sleepless Night...yet again!

This med I am on (effexor) is literally messing with me, and I think its doing it on purpose. If I take it in the morning it makes me soo sick I almost puke (im lucky i havent, i just hold down the chunks) and if I take it at night before bed, I am up half the night without feeling sick? I dont know what I am doing wrong, I have tried everything, taking it on a full tummy, empty the heck it tells time I will never know. Soooo...I am up...yet again. I look over to my left and my hubby and son are sleeping, right next to me is one of my cats (tobie) sleeping, and I am up blogging. Nice. I gotta figure something out. OMG...if I could take this in the morning and not get sick and have this much energy my house would be spotless and organized all the time and I would work out everyday just to burn off the energy...but I cant do all that because I dont want to make noise as these 2 sleep. UGH. I dont know what to do. I think tomorrow I am not going to take it before bed, I am going to get up Sunday, eat something and then take it and see how it works. We will see, my fingers will be crossed.

Nothing is planned this weekend. Xavier has a nasty cold, Andrew is getting a cold, and Im sneezing, and hoping and saying its just allergies. I am going to run to wally world tomorrow (yes Im that crazy) just to get out of the house for a little while and leave these 2 sick guys home. I cant stand men sick. I dont mind Xavier, he just sits on my lap and watches TV, but grown men, they just annoy me. I have not met one man yet that doesnt act worse then a baby when they are sick. If they are out there, I would love to see it, because I dont believe any man can be "man enough" for a little cold. I cant stand to see a grown man act that way, it annoys me. I am mommy twenty four seven, I am never the heck do they get to turn "daddy" off for a little while to whine and complain. I will never get it. Yes, I love him to pieces :)

I can just imagine what I am getting myself into by going to walmart on a saturday. I know I am going to come home in a horrible mood with stories and stories. I cant take people. I really cant...I can block children out, but I cant block adults out, and sometimes, well MOST of the time they act worse then the kids. Drives me insane. Im even thinking about going to walk around IKEA, I havent done that in forever and ever and I really could use a new coffee table for the living room. Nothing fancy, just one of those cheapo ones they sell. With a toddler I am quick to learn that is all I need until he is older and knows what to put on and not put on the table. What to NOT spill all over the place...UGH!

Im sure I will be blogging when I get home to tell everyone about my Saturday out! Stay tuned, Im sure I will be entertaining. Oh yea, Im even stopping for a bottle of wine, so tomorrow night after the boy is in bed...can get fun!


Friday, October 16, 2009

"Bubble Boy"

I have to do it, I have to blog about this mess. My friend called me yesterday and told me to put on CNN, and I honestly thought this lil'boy was in that balloon. I couldnt figure out why/how he was in there but I was soo scared for him. When that balloon landed and he wasnt in there and wanted to cry because I was sure he had fallen out...but then I got to thinking (along with the reporters) that there is no way for him to fall out, there were no holes in it. I thought that he was scared and it claims. Then I saw the larry king interview last night, and that poor little boy didnt know what to say. When that little boy said something about "i thought it was all for a show" I thought he was mixed up, until the dad started fidgeting and trying to cover up what that little boy said...I was like "this father made it all up". THEN I woke up and watched the interview on the Today show, the little boy puking and all (which i thought was soo funny because the dad looked like he was about to blow too) then the father got really upset because people are not believing the story. To me it just doesnt add up. There is something that is missing, and I dont think that little boy would of hid for 3 hours. Their story is that he hid cause the dad yelled at him....well then why did the other boy say that he was up in the balloon? It honestly doesnt add up at all...this situation is all weird. As of right now I am not convinced. I cant wait to see what comes of this. What ticks me off the most, I missed Days of Our Lives yesterday to watch this balloon...UGH!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Its been awhile.

Oh has it been awhile since I have updated, and I need to apologize for that. Life got in the way! (lol). Honestly, I have been in this depressed mode lately...but I got to the docs and Im feeling way better. Let me explain. I was on Zoloft for the past 2-3 years. Before I got pregnant with Xavier I was on Effexor for my anxiety and depression, but I had to change meds when I was pregnant. I think I just got used to the Zoloft because I got to the point I didnt want to do anything, I had no sex drive at all...I didnt even want to clean my house. I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago, and I got back on my Effexor and I am seriously like a new person. Andrew and I had to make the decision that we are on hold with the baby making for the time being. I also have to work on myself. I weighed in at the doctors and I weigh more now then when I went in to have Xavier. That made me sick. I cant believe I let myself go like that. I was doing good and then I put on a lot of weight. Im not blaming my thyroid, but he said it could be that because with all the blood work its not working correctly, so I am on meds for that, which he is going to up in about 4 weeks when I go back to see him. I just cant believe how good I feel on the Effexor. I clean everyday, I just am all together in a better mood....and Andrew likes it because my sex drive is back....and its back 120%! hahaha. Lovely.

Another BIG update, the Pa Budget finally got signed a few days ago so that means I am going to start getting paid again. Thank goodness, I thought I was never going to have money again! We are excited to get that big check. I have soo many plans and things that need to get done....I just cant wait. The one thing I am doing....Christmas shopping lay away. That is at the top of my list, so that will be taken care of and out of the way! WHOO HOO! .

I went on my much needed girls weekend last week. It was soo needed, and soo nice. We went to the little bar, and just had a good time sitting next to the camp fire all night. It was just a nice calm weekend. We actually went up Friday night and came home Sunday it was 2 nights away from my house. I of coursed missed my 2 guys, but not as much as I did last year. (Xavier was a baby)...this year was just nice. I think they liked having their "man weekend" together anyway! haha. Sooo cute.

Well, like I said before, the baby making is on just has to be. I need to get myself together...which I am going to turn this blog into. I hope that doesnt matter, and I hope everyone still enjoys my posts. I am still 100% going to blog about my experiences and getting DVT's and Pulmonary Awareness out there to everyone. I am just going to take you on my little journey to getting myself together, losing weight, and my life. I still plan on being open and honest about anything and everything...!