Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peeps Ice....Rita's are you FOR REAL!?!

WHOA WHOA WHOA..........was it really that pretty out today?! Oh my, as much as I love me some snow, I was loving the nice weather today! Andrew, Xavier, and I went to my parents for the day to visit, and we had such a fun time outside all day. Xavier enjoyed himself so much.

The first stop of the day was Rita's Italian Ice. Free Icey day, and it was darn good. Rita's has a new flavor...PEEP FLAVORED ITALIAN ICE.......can I say HEAVEN? Let me see, how do I describe tastes like a nice icey peep (duh) hahaha...but it really does. It was soo good. Omg I thought Peeps couldnt get better then I had this Icey. Now if they could only make the "let the peep sit out a day and get hard then eat it" flavor Ice...haha. C'mon, ya'll know you like to leave your peeps sit out for a few days then eat them....just admit it, I KNOW I am not the only one. : )

Then we got to my moms, I took so many pictures of Xavier and my mom walking around, and it looks like she is taking my child around on a pink leash! haha. They were really walking my parents little Yorkie, Tiara....but in half the pictures Tiara isnt there, but my child on a leash is! haha. Seriously though, it was fun....and I did get some cute pictures of Xavier. I dont think anyone realizes how hard it is to photograph a toddler, its like once they reach 2, the only pictures you get are of the back of their heads, or their heads down, off to the side...but they just wont look up. At least that is how it is with a little crazy boy! Oh my goodness, I dont think a good picture here and there is too much to ask for! The good thing...I got one good my day did turn out good after all!

Andrew and I were going to sneek back to Rita's for seconds on the ice's but we were full and tired after my parents, so we didnt do that. We plan on going to the park tomorrow with Xavier and seeing if the Icey man is will be a good treat...and if he isnt...I think we need to head to Rita's.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Health Insurance Rant

Health Care in our country is so f''ed up I just cant stand it. I know I am going to get bashed to hell and back for my views but Im going to vent anyway. How is it that Andrew and I pay over $400 a month for our health insurance through his job, but then we still have a $300 deductible per person every year, $100 for emergency room, and it only covers 80% of the hell do we get the short end of the stick when we are paying monthly out of our pocket for health insurance. NOW...if I was on welfare, and getting things for free I wouldn't have to pay any of that...! That means our well earned dollars are not only paying for our health insurance, but its paying someone elses to get better health insurance then me! Its totally not fair at all. Wouldn't it make more sense that Andrew and I get to go to the ER for free, and to get everything paid for, but the ones on welfare have to come up with their ER visits, and have a yearly deductible. In no way am I saying that it should be as much as I am paying, but I think it should be something. Its not fair that us paying insurance have to question when we should go to the ER, but yet people that are getting health insurance for free can go whenever they please and not have to think twice about it. I just dont understand how that works. In my opinion health care is a privilege and not a right. Im not saying people should not be able to go to the doctor because everyone should be able to go and not be turned away, but I think if you cant afford to pay for health insurance you should get billed for your doctor visits and at least have to pay something. Its not fair for the ones that work hard to pay for their insurance monthly.


Back to school..........why not!

I am making so many life changes this month, along with my decision on the gastric bypass, I have a good friend (Jessica) that talked me into going back to school. She is in the middle of getting her bachelors and she LOVES her online school, University of Phoenix. Well she told me everything about it, so I looked into it and got all set up and applied for all my financial aid today, and if that goes smoothly (which is should) I will start classes March 29th....which is only a week and a half away! How fun is that? I totally have been wanting to go to school, especially something in the medical field. I have no experience in medical, so I need that college degree to get my foot in the door and start something that I really want to stay in for the rest of my life. I am going for medical records and Health admin. Its something that I want to do, but just dont have the background in because i have been in insurance since I graduated high school. I have all the time in the world with being a stay at home mom, so why not. ill have my degree by the time xavier goes to school and ill be in a field of something i really love doing. I am so excited Jessica told me about this school, its going to be soo good for me. Its also going to get my mind going since I am home all the time, and going crazy with the little one all day! Its just something that I have been wanting to do for ME for a long time, and now I am acting on it. It feels really good! Changes are good...and I think this one is really good for me. I will keep everyone posted. If you want to go to school and dont know how to do it...feel free to ask questions, and I will help you. I was one of those people that just didnt know how to do anything and was honestly scared to do it...and now I am doing it and it feels damn good!