Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am so happy for cooler weather. I am completely ready for fall to get here. It is 100% my favorite time of the year. I havent updated in a few days, I just havent had the energy to do anything. Xavier and I spent the night at my mom and dads again Thursday night....and that is pretty much what has been going on. Im still waiting for Pennsylvania to sign the budget so I can get paid. I am so depressed that we have to be on such a tight budget. I have bills coming it and the more they come in the more depressed I get because I know we have 100% no money to spend after bills. I cant take it anymore. Its soo not fair, I cant believe how much we really rely on the babysitting money that was coming in. It just makes me sick. I guess PA is supposed to start talking more about it this week. If they dont do something this coming week there are going to be hundreds of day cares closing. I dont understand, if they passed a little bit of the budget to get state workers paid, why cant they pass another part of it to keep day cares going strong? It just doesnt make sense to me. If they close day cares people are going to have the quit their jobs because they have no where to send their kids. Why doesnt my state care about that? I would think that would be up there in priority with getting state works paid, but i guess it doesnt. I guess low income families are not on the minds of just saddens me.

We really have no big plans this weekend. I think we are going to go to Andrews moms house across the street tonight for awhile to visit. Its soo weird, we live soo close to them yet we hardly see them. I feel bad, its just that our lives are soo busy. I would think it would be the other way around, we would see them more then my parents, its odd....I think its because they have 2 younger girls and they always have something going on.

Im still trying to ignore the pain in my right leg. I really dont understand why it keeps hurting the way it does. Im annoyed by it, I really am. It is doing nothing but getting worse, but what do i do? There is no color change, no swelling, just hurting. I guess I have to live with it. It just makes me wonder. I am so scared there is something else going on in there, but the hospital said my legs were clear of clots. I am trying to walk more....but the more depressed I get over money and things like that, the more I dont want to do it just makes it harder. I really hate being an adult at times....I really do.

Hopefully we will have some good news soon. Until then TTC#2 is on hold...Ill keep everyone updated on that. Life.


Monday, August 24, 2009


Anyone else have a cat/dog food eater running around your house? UGH! Xavier has been doing this nasty habit since he got teeth. He has always been interested in the cat food...its like we don't feed him and the lovely smell of cat food just tempts him?! LOL. What do kids see in this awfulness? The smell doesn't even make me want to try it. It just stinks! What would make a kid that wont even eat his veggies put this in his mouth and actually get it down? Its my wonder today....since I got a chewed up piece of cat food thrown at me. UGH. I am to the point that I don't even tell him not to do it...well at least not while he is in the process. Seriously, I used to be like "dont even go near it" now Im like "if you wanna eat it, eat it" Is that bad? LMAO! It isnt going to hurt him. Im not feeding it to him, but Im sure enough not going to waste my breath saying "Xavier dont eat the cat food" a million times a day. I will correct him if he is throwing it at me (lol) or trying to get the crap out of his mouth. Then I will say "are you going to eat that gross stuff again" and I usually get a head shake "yes". UGH. Some might say I am wrong for doing what I do.......please feel free to tell me how wrong/right I am.......but if you tell me how wrong i am please also tell me how I should stop it!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shhh....what is that I hear.....


That is what I heard all evening....thanks to my wonderful husband. He took Xavier with him to his friends to watch WWE. Once a month WWE holds a Pay Per View, and that his Andrews friends excuse to get together since they are so busy and have "adult" lives now. So once a month they get together, and now Xavier is joining the "guys night out" and I love it. Because I get a quiet Sunday home alone. I havent had a night like this in months, and I really enjoyed myself. I got some things done for my digital kits, and I got caught up on emails, and stuff like that...and I have also got caught up on some of my TV watching.

I was never a "Sex and the City" kinda gal when it was popular, but it comes on at 10am in the morning, and sometimes Xavier will be playing and not paying attention so I would put it on and watch it while I have my morning coffee....well I am addicted. Why did I not discover this show years ago. Well I now DVR it everyday and watch it during nap time or any chance I get when Xavier isnt around. That is the greatest show ever. I really need to watch the movie. I am trying to watch as many shows as i can (which has been a lot) before I watch the movie....but I am such a fan, and I swear its the greatest show ever. Plain and simple.....EVER! If you disagree with me, then you are not a human women! hahaha. (just joking....sorta)

So I admit, I facebook stalk people. I wish I could post pictures of people that I stalk on here, but of course I wouldnt do that, but its great. People that were soo different in high school are completely different now. Then you have the people that never change. It amuses me. I am sure that I have a few stalkers too...but I am pretty boring, so Im sure that I dont get stalked too much.

Well, my 2 favorite guys should be walking through the door at any minute....and I am really excited to see them. I will blog more tomorrow.

Cross your fingers the Pennsylvania passes the State Budget this week....I really need the money soon! I think I am going to say that in every blog until it passes or something happens. Ill keep you posted. I will blog more tomorrow.