Wednesday, March 3, 2010

10 items in life that should be FREE.

10. Garbage Bags
09. Paper Towels
08. Diapers
07. Pads
06. Tampons
05. Kleenex
04. Baby Wipes
03. Soap
02. Napkins
.....................................and number one goes to.......


These are my top 10 things I hate going to the store and paying for....its just pointless. Starting with garbage bags. Why do I have to pay for bags that are just used to hold the stuff I am throwing away anyway. Why cant I just stick things in garbage holders or something and the trash men just empty that into their truck. Its like paying for something you are going to throw away really annoys me to even put those in the shopping cart.

Paper towels, napkins, and kleenex are the same way. You buy them to wipe up messes, you buy the darn things to ruin and throw away. They should just give them away free...why make people waste their money on things that are going to end up in the GARBAGE BAGS! AHH!

Tampons, Pads, Diapers....omg when I have to put those in my cart, knowing the price I am paying for them....and knowing what is going to happen to them just makes me sick. Why dont I just wrap Xaviers booty in dollar bills, because that is what we are doing anyway! Line my panties with a dollar bill....hey it might even work better.....I just cant stand wasting money on all this stuff that is needed. I didnt choose to get a monthly visitor so why am I forced into buying these products every month! Its just not fair in my mind. :)

Soap, I love, but there should be a basic soap that is free of charge....this is just something that makes the others that buy it happy...that way we dont have to put up with others funk.

And my number one item that bothers me is the toilet paper. Its soo hard for me to put that into my cart and buy knowing that it is going to be wiped with my ass then just thrown away. Its soo sad how much money goes out of every ones pockets every month on stuff that we have no control over, I think this stuff should be given out free since its not our choice to have to use it.

If I ever have another baby, I am cloth diapering, that is the end of that. I refuse to buy diapers for another 3 years with another baby if I dont have to....already made up my mind on that one. (lets see if i actually go through with it.....i bet ill just sit here and complain some more)


Sunday, February 28, 2010

please put down the phone.

I swear life has been so crazy lately. We have had soo much family crap going on, I dont even know where to begin with it all. I think I am going to save that for a later post just because there is soo much to it.

Yesterday we took Xavier to "kidapalooza" at the Pittsburgh convention center. It was really nice, I am just so happy we got there when it opened. They had Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba dancing on stage, you could get pictures with Wow Wow Wubzy which was nice, and they had soo many different vendors giving out free samples to have to and your kids try the products for free. It was really really nice, and we really did enjoy ourselves...and Xavier got a bag full of junk to eat so he was happy.

The thing that I do have to complain about is the parents yesterday. Andrew and I do not use our cell phones when we are doing something with Xavier...only if it is necessary, and we will go into a corner use the phone and then put it back away. Yesterday, the kids were soo nice that were there, and let me tell you, there were a lot of them. The parents on the other hand were crazy. They were walking around on their cell phones in a complete daze, walking into you, not saying excuse me, and just not spending time with their kids. Dont get me wrong there were some there that were doing what Andrew and I were doing, and I really like that. I love seeing parents spending quality time with their kiddos....but people....put down the cell phones for 2 hours and just enjoy some family time. What the heck is this world coming to. There shouldnt be anything more important then spending quality time with your kids. You should cherish this time, pretty soon they are going to go through the "not wanting anything to do with you" stage and you are going to miss all this time you could of spent with them.......not your cell phone! Parents, please learn how to put down the phone for a few hours and just have fun with your kids.....believe me, it will make you feel better in the end!