Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hate ignorant people...especially females.

I can not say it enough, please do not come at me and try to make yourself look good if you are uneducated about a topic that I am talking about. It really ticks me off. It all started yesterday on my facebook page. I posted some lame status message wondering who signed me up for Obama emails. Well it started that my cousin by marriage writes "do not blame the black man" or some stupid crap like that. I wrote back that I was not blaming the "black" man I was blaming the democratic man. Whatever. He isn't even "black" he is half black but whatever, it doesn't matter. I then go on to talk about how I do not agree with his health care. This girl couldn't even give me a good political debate. She begins to attack me was so obvious it was about a certain situation and when I called her out on it she denied it. The girl did not even have enough balls to stand up and say "it was about you". There was a whole situation with another cousin, and I know she has wanted to stick her nose into the situation for awhile and say something to me, so she took advantage of this post to do it. I can not stand uneducated people. Seriously, do not use politics to call me out on something personal, it makes you look like a complete idiot. I love politics, and I love a good debate, I would never hold anything against anyone for their views, everyone has different views. I guess I am just mature like that. Seriously though, if you want to call me out on something, feel free to do it, but do not think I am going to let you do it and not say something back to you. Also, do not attempt to call me out on something that was not your business in the first place. Get over yourself, you are ugly, ghetto, and jealous.

Please get over yourself.


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