Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Sinful Colors Professional" Nail Polish

I always have to find time to write about products that I find work really nice. I have been meaning to blog about "Sinful Colors Professional" Nail Polish for a few weeks, and I made time to do it today. Let me start by telling everyone that you can get this product at Walgreens for $3.99 but they usually have it on sale for cheaper. Honestly, I would pay a lot more for this nail polish because it is the best nail polish I have ever used.

Let me first start by telling you about the colors. This line has every color you can imagine. From black to blue to yellow to green. They even have a very pretty Aqua color that I am dying to try. They even have all this awesome colors with glitter. I am not too much of a glitter person but I did try the dark purple with glitter and it was just as nice as the rest.

Chipping? I always have this problem, especially because I am an online student and I am always typing on the computer. I only wear dark nail polish if I wear any at all...and I could never find a brand of dark nail polish that didn't chip after the first day of wearing it. Well, this brand is THE BEST yet again. I put on 3 coats of black nail polish on last Sunday I did not have to touch up a chip until THURSDAY. For me, that is wonderful. And when I touched it up I just put a little bit of polish where the chip was. There was no need to redo all my nails because there was only one chip! I do not know what they do to this nail polish, but it seriously is the best.

I would suggest this nail polish to anyone on the go...and that loves awesome colors. They have normal everyday colors too, if you are not into the brights and darks. If anyone else ever used this leave me comments and tell me if you have had the same experience with it. I seriously have a collection going, and I refuse to use any other nail polish...!

Remember...Walgreens, Sinful Colors Professional $3.99 *at the most*


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