Friday, May 7, 2010


Do I seriously not make myself clear enough to my husband...seriously! He keeps his laptop sitting on the coffee table, which is fine...IF OUR CHILD DIDN'T EAT HIS BREAKFAST AND LUNCH THERE EVERYDAY! Its just easier to feed him there, because then I can watch him, and he picks, so he wants to play and eat, and that is fine for me...also who am I kidding, it's more convenient for me. A few months ago, Xavier spilled milk all over the table..and of course the laptop. I told him what happened and told him that I am not changing what I am doing, he needs to change where he puts his laptop. Do you think he stopped...of course not. Well, today apple juice is spilled all over the coffee table and once again all over the laptop. Do you think I am going to move this laptop for him....hell no. Its not my problem that you keep your laptop there. Soo annoying!


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