Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did I brush my teeth today?

Have you ever had a day that has been so busy that you stop in the middle of the day and say "did I brush my teeth this morning?" Ugh. This being a stay at home mom thing is really hard, and is really starting to take a toll on me. Do not get me wrong, I love it...I love being home with my little one all day and all that fun stuff, but I do need some adult interaction. I just said "get out of my purse" a total of 5 times in a row and then screamed it until I got the boys attention. Seriously, I do not know how I am still sane. My husband doesn't get why sometimes I just need to leave when he gets home and go for a drive. I actually go walk around Walgreens. I am surprised they haven't asked me why I spend so much time there. I just need that quiet time. I seriously sometimes just scream at the top of my lungs sometimes, then Xavier looks at me like I am crazy. Now he just laughs when I do it. Am I the only stay at home mom that feels this way?!

CLEANING! I am fed up. I don no even want to do it anymore. What is the point, I can clean my whole house in the morning then by the time Andrew gets home it looks like I have done nothing. Seriously, if anyone walked in my house right now they would think that I have not cleaned at all....but I did....and that is what ticks me off. Seriously, this place is crazy messy and I can not take it much more. I am sick of cleaning cleaning cleaning. What the fuck is the point when it just gets messy again.

Wonder why I am crazy? My son just pushed the screen out of the window and I am just sitting here watching him. I know he cant crawl out so why the hell should I get up and fix it? He is terrified of bugs, I hope a huge ass spider comes crawling in, then I wont have to waste my breath on telling him not to touch.




  1. OMG! I soooo know what you mean! Especially on the cleaning thing. But now i just make a pathway and tell people its the new interior design look called "toy store thrown up in my living room". lol :)

  2. That is soo great, at least I know I am not alone. eek