Friday, May 7, 2010

- this close to going insane today

I just do not have time to be a stay at home mom, I mean, I do not have time to do stay at home mom chores! haha. (like im soo busy) but I seriously am. I just looked ahead on my last 3 weeks of classes...and I have a lot of readings to do. The readings wouldn't be so bad, but I am the type that takes notes on EVERYTHING...well I looked ahead and the week of my finals...each class has me reading 2 chapters. I just don't have time to take all these notes! SO....I am trying to get all my classwork for the week done today...that way I can get a head start on my upcoming readings. Geesh, is there anyway that I can mute my toddler and get this stuff done? Then as I am sitting here trying to do this Xavier gets this bright idea that he just needs to stop playing and sit on my lap. Its never ending of not getting stuff done. If I can just pause life around me and I can sit here for 2 hours and get stuff done life would be wonderful. Or if I can hire a maid and a nanny to work around me while I do school then what would be the point of me staying home!

I know I could clean this whole living room in about 1/2 hour...but yet I am still sitting here, maybe I should just do it and get it over with and just hope to goodness it still looks clean when Andrew gets home...or maybe I should just wait and do it later this afternoon when there is a better chance of it looking clean, but I like a clean house when I am studying. Shit, maybe I should just take a nap and forget everything. lol.

Xavier has this new thing that makes me crazy, he picks up random stuff around the house and when I go to take it away from him he puts it close to him and says "its mine" and then runs. He has to know how mad it makes me, seriously I want to scream as soon as I hear "its mine". Im like "that tampon is not yours" I say things throughout the day that I never thought I would ever say. I never thought I would have to say "tuck your penis back in" or "when your penis sticks up like that you will pee in your face" seriously?!


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